Uniting the profession of equine osteopathy

“We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.” — A.T. Still, Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy

The Worldwide Alliance of Equine Osteopaths (WAEO), established in February of 2013, is a non-profit corporation that seeks to unite the profession of Equine Osteopathy.  We intend to serve as a resource for practitioners, researchers, educators and students of Equine Osteopathy.   We aspire to be the link that allows Equine Osteopaths from all over the world to connect and converse.  There is much to learn about each other and the profession of Equine Osteopathy as it is practiced throughout the world.

Become a Member of the Worldwide Alliance of Equine Osteopaths. You have a unique opportunity to shape the direction of the WAEO and support the profession of Equine Osteopathy.  The goal of the WAEO is to provide for its members an annual membership meeting and conference, along with developing online forums, webinars and publications. The WAEO will work to engage all Equine Osteopaths to practice at the highest level of competency by supporting research and education in Equine Osteopathy.   

It is our sincerest desire that the formation of the Worldwide Alliance of Equine Osteopaths will further advance the profession of Equine Osteopathy by providing a venue for communication and collaboration among all those who study, practice and teach Equine Osteopathy for the good of the horse.


~Please join the Facebook Group page specifically created to share thoughts, questions, and stay up to date on conferences!  If you do not have a Facebook account please create one, then click the link below to join the group page!


~The annual WAEO Conference for 2017 is September 16th-17th 2017 in Wisconsin, USA, 2018 will be in Europe and 2019 will be in Canada. Check out our Continuing Education page!

~Post-Graduate Cranio-Sacral Course October 19-21, 2017