2017 Speakers

Dr. Barbour


Dr. Barbour was born in Toronto and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan at an early age. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, magna cum laude, from Eastern Michigan University, he attended Michigan State University‘s College of Osteopathic Medicine. Upon graduation, he interned at the Michigan Osteopathic Medical Center in Detroit and then did a residency at the Detroit Rehabilitation Institute. He is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management.

“With Wholistic Manual Medicine, I can help almost anyone in any condition at any time without needing anything but my mind and my hands,” he says. “I really enjoy the amazement I feel, as well as my patients‘ amazement, when the body begins to heal itself and the patient starts to overcome the obstacles that were holding them back in life.”

While Dr. Barbour was routinely able to facilitate healing that had failed to respond to conventional medical treatment, there was a limit to how many patients he could personally treat. To help bring those results to a much wider group, in 1991 he started teaching the Wholistic Manual Medicine Course, training hundreds of other practitioners to apply manual medicine.

“Physical therapists and massage therapists are always looking for something that will make them better at what they do,” he says. “Once they understand the underlying principles, they can get far better results in their own fields.”

Dr. Barbour is a true shaman. By definition a true shaman “tends to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of the beings in his charge”. Yet, Dr Barbour does not consider himself as a healer.. Dr. Barbour orchestrates the coming together of conditions that allow for the release of the root cause of the disease or discomfort. The body then heals itself.

Dr. Barbour simply considers himself a normal human being that has devoted his life to the mastery of his helping profession, osteopathy. He has been pushing the envelope of Osteopathic science and the science of wholistic manual medicine, for over twenty-five years. He optimizes both scientific knowledge with reasoning AND intuitive knowledge with awareness.

He is an innovator and teacher and has created rapid evaluation, treatment and training program for practitioners that allows them to rapidly aquire skills and knowledge in wholistic manual medicine.

His holistic and quantum training of manual medicine students is easily accomplished due to the holistic and quantum nature of the materiel. Students reach greater and greater results at a quantum pace that was previously un-obtainable. Mastering the lowest/easiest level first then prepares the student for the shifts that are on the horizon. Leaping in knowledge *(knowingness!), skills and awareness, all at once, to each successive level. Each new level the student is endowed with one: greater capacity to create greater outcomes with less work, time and energy; and two: the self healing necessary to reach that new level. It is a win win win solution: as the student grows, so do their results and their clients health, and so the advance of natural healing and wholistic Manual Medicine.

Ann-Marie Hancock, DVM, EDO


Ann-Marie Hancock was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, where she was active in Pony Club and competed in lower level three day eventing horse trials. Ann-Marie completed her studies at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, graduating with a BS in Equine Science, an MS in Anatomy and Neurobiology and a DVM in 2003. She trained in Acupuncture with IVAS in 2008, and she completed the EDO program through the Vluggen Institute in 2012.

Dr. Hancock practices in Marshall, Virginia where she owns and operates True North Equine Veterinary Services. She has a special interest in anatomy and body mechanics, and a wholistic approach to healing (including the owner). True North Equine serves as a hub for a team of practitioners supporting horses and their human partners in any life stage or discipline, providing a progressive, balanced, authentic and friendly work environment for dentists, farriers, saddle fitters, body workers and therapists of other modalities as well as veterinary care and osteopathy.

Lu Ann Groves, DVM


Lu Ann Groves DVM. Graduate of Colorado State University in 1981. Graduate of Equine Osteopathy in 2006. Certified in Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Homeopathy. I mostly do visceral osteopathy at this time.

Lu Ann Groves DVM. I met Janek Vluggen in 2005, introduced by Brian Winterton; my equine dentist. Janek connected the dots between what my chiropractic work was lacking, answers to working with fascia, why visceral manipulation is so important in having an adjustment hold, and why short lever chiropractic moves are often not effective in the horse. I asked him to teach me, and now equine osteopathy is skyrocketing forward at a very rapid pace. From the first class of 6 people in 2005, two of us graduated. Now we have over 400 graduates all over the world.

I am an equine veterinarian, graduated from Colorado State University in 1981. I have been interested in holistic medicine since the 1980’s, when I realized that my education in veterinary medicine was very good, but I did not have the tools to heal many of my patients. All I could offer was antibiotics and steroids in many cases. I am very glad we have fantastic equine surgeons and clinicians, but the every day cases that I saw in my mobile practice needed help as well. I found the help needed in using Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Herbs, and Finally, Osteopathy. Osteopathy is the best tool in my toolbox, and I use it to examine almost every horse that comes into my practice. It gives me an idea of what is going on inside of the horse’s body.

André Teunissen D.O.-MRO-NL®, EDO®


André Teunissen D.O-MRO-NL®, EDO® was born and raised in a place near Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  He lived and worked in a town in southern-Germany for seven years, but for the last 20 years he has been living in The Netherlands again, in a place near the German border.  He graduated for human osteopathy from the International Academy of Osteopathy in Ghent, Belgium and became a diplomated osteopath.  He has always been interested in all areas of osteopathy, and over the years he has done training and courses in:

• Viseral Osteopathy

• Structural Cranial Osteopathy

• Osteopathy in the uro-genital area

• Biodynamic Osteopathy (All fases)

• In 2005 graduated from Pediatric Osteopathy in Hoeven, The Netherlands

After Janek Vluggen D.O.-MRO-D®, EDO® had asked him to do the course for Equine Osteopathy, he graduated as an EDO® at the Vluggen Institute in 2009.

André is the initiator and director of the International Register for Equine Osteopathy EDO®, the IREO.

André runs a successful practice in human osteopathy and equine osteopathy in The Netherlands.

Neal Valk, DVM, DACVS


 Neal Valk, DVM, DACVS is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Equine Field Services at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. A 1989 graduate of the college, he spent 5 years in private equine veterinary practice before returning to his alma mater to perform a large animal surgery residency. Before joining the faculty of the University in 2015, Neal was a self-employed equine veterinarian. A certified natural hoof care practitioner, he is deeply passionate about all aspects of the equine hoof and has incorporated holistic hoof care into his daily practice. He and his wife Heidi, and children Nick and Lauren, reside on a farm in Greeneville, Tennessee.